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Making a difference one bottle at a time

Reusable water bottleThe Green Ninja talked to Kayla Novak recently, a college student who shared her perspective with us after reading an article in the New York Times about how many water bottles are consumed each year in the United States. “Did you know,” she said, “that the U.S. consumes 50 billion plastic water bottles per year?” Wow. Kayla continued:

For the last three years, I have been carrying my own reusable water bottle. I first started using one my when my roommate invested in a water filter for our dorm room because bottled water was becoming too expensive on our college budget. I had a hard time remembering my water bottle at first, but soon enough it became habit to bring it everywhere with me. My friends and I have started to decorate our bottles with stickers from the different places we visit. Our different stickers create countless entertaining conversations.

When I learned how many bottles are actually consumed by the United States after reading “A Fountain on Every Corner”, I was appalled. I was inspired to get everyone around me on the reusable water bottle kick too. I am going to start by giving reusable water bottles as birthday presents!

Two Green Ninja thumbs-up to Kayla for translating information into action!

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