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What’s your chicken report?

In the short Green Ninja animatic, “What’s the Bag Deal?” we learn that the choice between paper bags and plastic bags at the grocery store is not as important for the environment as the choices we make about what groceries go inside the bag.

Great teaching tool: “Cost of Chicken”
I was interested to learn more about the impact of food choices on the environment, and so I was happy to find a great interactive project called Cost of Chicken. Project co-creators Tim and Nick Werby are two high school students from San Francisco who are on a mission to collect worldwide data about everyday foods, what they cost, and how far they travel to get to the consumer.  Teachers can use this cool site to get kids thinking about the environmental impact of different food choices.

It’s done with maps
Working with kid reporters from all over the world (including the ones you met in the video above) they tell their story with maps. That’s right. Maps! Using the free and open-source Ushahidi crowdmapping platform, Trusted Food Reporters enter their food information into the crowdmap. Reporters can use the web site form to submit a report, or an Ushahidi app for iPhone or Android.   They have had more than 400 reports come in so far, and you can see the entries here.

You can participate! Submit a Chicken Report
Cost of Chicken is an ingenious bit of food anthropology for any age, and anyone can participate. So, go ahead — submit a report! I did it. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s an engaging class project for any grade level.

–Julie Noblitt, Green Ninja Team

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