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Earthman Rap

Earthman Rap. As good today as it was in 2007. Thanks to Sarah Miller of for finding this gem!

Teachers: check out the Earthman Project’s cool web site for some great resources to bring music, art, and the environment into you classroom.

Want to help change the world? Play with your food!

How can human-powered dj sets, orchestras made of vegetables, and online gardens help change the world? Though none of these activities may seem connected, they are all bringing kids of all ages fun ways to learn about the environment. Innovative activism encourages everyone to get involved, targeting everyone from family units to teenagers with headphones permanently attached to their ears. Creative outlets like art and music can drive discussion about bigger issues or even be solutions themselves.

Global Inheritance  is a non-profit dedicated to “thinking creatively in solving world issues.” They work with schools, music festivals, and employers to provide outside-the-box ways to view energy consumption. They hand out popcorn popped with ethanol fuel, challenge you to power your own playground with energy you create using giant hamster wheels, and have artists customize recycling bins for use at high-traffic events. They host outdoor days for kids to complete crafts, learn about the environment, and even have created a 2011 Teen Choice Awards Energy Offset that used Tour de Energy bikes to collect energy to power the event.

Green Allowance is a site that offers both kids and parents financial incentives to go green. After agreeing to sponsor, you complete a simple sign-up process (you can either allow your child to sign up alone or be included on the account) and they are presented with a garden. The trees in this garden represent energy-saving activities, and even display how much money you’ll save yearly by completing the tasks. In some cases, Green Allowance has partnered with electric companies to know your savings exactly. As you complete the tasks and report back to Green Allowance, your garden grows and kids can collect their earnings.

Even the United Nations is finding new ways to increase global dialogue about  “climate change, species extinction, freshwater crisis and any other environmental issues”. The UN Music & Environment Initiative partners with artists, events, and venues to reach young people. The Initiative also hopes to change how people inside of the music industry approach planning their events and packaging their products. You can find a list of participating artists here, but younger children might be especially interested in The Vegetable Orchestra.

The Vegetable Orchestra performs on instruments made entirely of, you guessed it, vegetables. They purchase the vegetables at farmers and local markets, whittle them into instruments, perform, and then use the leftover instruments to cook a hearty veggie stew for their audience.

How do you get the kids in your life involved in the environment?


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