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Teachers: Are you looking for lesson ideas?

Teachers: What would your elementary school students think of this new cartoon, “For Goodness Rake”? Would they watch it on their own at home? Could you make a classroom lesson out of it?

The Green Ninja™ series 
Like “Footprint Renovation,” “For Goodness Rake” is part of an emerging series of free, fun lesson starters for grades K-6 that can be used in the classroom or viewed at home on YouTube.  For a variety of lesson ideas and resources, visit our summer workshop page. Also visit the Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest page to sign up for great project to do with your class this fall.

Made by students, for students
The animations in the Green Ninja™ series are created by students in David Chai’s class in the Animation/Illustration Department at San Jose State University. Last month I had the opportunity to visit the classroom and learn more about what goes into the making of these cartoons. At least 40 students put in approximately 10 hours per week all semester long to create each one. The day I was there, students were carefully analyzing each segment of film for continuity and quality. In the next room, graduating senior Erin Schleupner (pictured below) was hard at work colorizing the finished animations using a special graphics tool called a Cintiq. I was truly impressed by the quality of the work and dedication of the students in making these films.

Making of "For Goodness Rake"

Erin Schleupner working on “For Goodness Rake”

Please vote!
One of the student films is now in the running for a “People’s Choice” award worth $5,000 from the Green Screen Climate Fix Flicks festival in Melbourne, Australia. Please vote for “Footprint Renovation” and help support more great student work. You can only vote once, and every vote counts!

–Julie Noblitt
Green Ninja Team

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