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An Afternoon With the Green Ninja

After a busy week on the climate-action front, I had the chance to relax. I grabbed a hot tea, biked around the neighborhood, and took a quick hike. I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments of the day!

I spotted this innovative bicycle parking made from old frames outside of a local coffee shop. Here are some more ideas for re purposing used bike accessories, or donate them.

Beautiful citrus trees in a home garden. A great way to save money at the grocery store, especially since the home grown stuff adds so much flavor! Plus, they can thrive in containers if your yard is on the smaller side.

The view at the end of my hike. It was a hot day, but the view kept me motivated.

At this point I had worked up a pretty serious appetite. I stopped a local organic cafe for a cream of broccoli soup, a fresh greek salad with lemon dressing, and a healthy carrot juice.  Wholesome, filling, and tasty!

How do you unwind on your days off?

– GN

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