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Hershey’s and Halloween: A not-so-sweet combo.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start stocking up on treats for neighborhood goblins and ghouls. Huge bags of fun-size candy bars are lining the aisles in grocery stores around the country. But before you buy, the people behind Raise the Bar, Hershey have a message for consumers everywhere.

They have begun a campaign to raise awareness of Hershey’s non-compliance with International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions that set minimum ages for workers as well as banning forced labor.

Whilke they are calling for immediate change in child labor practices, their demands for fair trade (defined here) may take a little longer. The people behind Raise the Bar are asking Hershey to

“make a commitment to sourcing 100% Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans by 2012 for at least one of its top five selling chocolate bars that prominently displays the Hershey name.”

The ultimate goal is to have almost all Hershey’s products Fair Trade Certified by 2022.

Here’s how to support the cause.

Need alternatives for trick-or-treaters? My top picks for fair trade chocolate.

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Have a sweet (and responsible) Halloween!


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