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What’s your chicken report?

In the short Green Ninja animatic, “What’s the Bag Deal?” we learn that the choice between paper bags and plastic bags at the grocery store is not as important for the environment as the choices we make about what groceries go inside the bag.

Great teaching tool: “Cost of Chicken”
I was interested to learn more about the impact of food choices on the environment, and so I was happy to find a great interactive project called Cost of Chicken. Project co-creators Tim and Nick Werby are two high school students from San Francisco who are on a mission to collect worldwide data about everyday foods, what they cost, and how far they travel to get to the consumer.  Teachers can use this cool site to get kids thinking about the environmental impact of different food choices.

It’s done with maps
Working with kid reporters from all over the world (including the ones you met in the video above) they tell their story with maps. That’s right. Maps! Using the free and open-source Ushahidi crowdmapping platform, Trusted Food Reporters enter their food information into the crowdmap. Reporters can use the web site form to submit a report, or an Ushahidi app for iPhone or Android.   They have had more than 400 reports come in so far, and you can see the entries here.

You can participate! Submit a Chicken Report
Cost of Chicken is an ingenious bit of food anthropology for any age, and anyone can participate. So, go ahead — submit a report! I did it. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s an engaging class project for any grade level.

–Julie Noblitt, Green Ninja Team

Green Ninja Team meets Al Gore

One of our Green Ninja Scientists (Eugene Cordero) is participating in the 24 Hours of Reality project and will serve on a live panel with Al Gore in New York.

24 Hours of Reality is a worldwide event that will share the reality of the climate crisis. From Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Alaska, Jakarta to London, people living with the impacts of climate change every day will tell their story. The event features a new multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once per hour for 24 hours, in every time zone around the globe.

The event starts at 7pm (Sep 14th) ET and ends at 8pm (Sep 15) ET, with Eugene appearing on panels at 8pm (Sep 14; with Al Gore), 9am (Sep 15th) and 10am (15th) – all times Eastern Standard.  Catch it all live here:

Go Green Ninja Team!!

Episode 2: Filming and Trailer

Where did the Green Ninja come from? How was the Green Ninja chosen? What lessons and training were necessary for the Green Ninja’s education? These questions will be answered in a new film being produced at San José State University, called –  Green Ninja Episode 2: The Beginning.

Students enrolled in the course RTVF135 Production: Special Projects participated in the semester-long filmmaking experience, and they worked in all areas of filmmaking including, sound, lighting, props, costume design, and makeup. The course is designed to give students experience of working on a professional quality short film, which many of them then apply in the full length film in the summer.  The film was written and directed by San José State Professor Babak Sarrafan, with the cinematography done by Jim Orr.  A full list of the cast and crew will appear on our website when the video is released.

Filming took place in May 2011 at various locations around San José, CA.

Green Ninja: The Beginning is expected to be released in the Fall of 2011.

Here is the trailer!

-GN Team

An Afternoon With the Green Ninja

After a busy week on the climate-action front, I had the chance to relax. I grabbed a hot tea, biked around the neighborhood, and took a quick hike. I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments of the day!

I spotted this innovative bicycle parking made from old frames outside of a local coffee shop. Here are some more ideas for re purposing used bike accessories, or donate them.

Beautiful citrus trees in a home garden. A great way to save money at the grocery store, especially since the home grown stuff adds so much flavor! Plus, they can thrive in containers if your yard is on the smaller side.

The view at the end of my hike. It was a hot day, but the view kept me motivated.

At this point I had worked up a pretty serious appetite. I stopped a local organic cafe for a cream of broccoli soup, a fresh greek salad with lemon dressing, and a healthy carrot juice.  Wholesome, filling, and tasty!

How do you unwind on your days off?

– GN

New Animation in Progress…

Get ready for Green Ninja’s first full animation!!

San José State University Animation and Illustration students have been busy over the 2011 spring semester. They’ve been planning, drawing, discussing, sketching, refining, and drawing lots more to bring you another animation in the series of Green Ninja adventures. Working from the animatic, Marty Cooper, the writer/director, led a group of over 30 students to develop a full animation of this Green Ninja story.   Here are some photos of our students in action.

Student enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and dedication will shine in the full animation.

We hope you’ll enjoy the full animation of Footprint Renovation, which will be coming your way in the next couple of weeks!  In a fun and entertaining way, the animation will give some great ideas for reducing our carbon footprint.

-GN Team


The subject of climate change is challenging and complex, yet full of fun surprises.  Although I’ve studied for many years, the science and solutions keep evolving in ways that inspire me to want to learn more and more each day.  Let’s make this blog a place where we can share knowledge and explore new solutions for managing our climate in the future.  I look forward to any questions or comments you may have.


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