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Interview with Dr. Burrito!

In the first episode of the Green Ninja Show, we meet Dr. Burrito.

Dr. Burrito is played by Eugene Cordero, a professor of Meteorological and Climate Science at San José State University.


Eugene loves burritos! To celebrate the first episode of the Green Ninja Show, the Green Ninja Blogging team asked him about his favorite food as inspiration.

Why do you love burritos?

To be honest, I’m not really sure.  I’ve always enjoyed Mexican food, but for some reason, I’m drawn towards burritos.  Perhaps it’s the simplicity and the nice eatable package – a tortilla.  It’s probably also all the great taquerias here in the Bay Area!  

What is your favorite kind of burrito?

My favorite is a vegetarian burrito! I tend to interrogate the burrito makers about their ingredients so I can steer towards my favorites (e.g. grilled veggies, black beans). Oh, and fresh avocado or homemade guacamole is a big plus.  I also have to say that I LOVE breakfast burritos when done right…eggs, potatoes, rice and beans with some good salsa.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!

Why is food an important part of our environmental footprint?

All foods require some energy to grow and produce, and thus are responsible for some carbon emissions.  However, some foods, like beef, pork and processed foods have a much larger carbon footprint compared to foods such as vegetables and grains.  I was actually surprised to find out how big a difference our food choices can make on our individual carbon footprint.

What do you recommend for those of us who want to reduce our food footprint?

For me I just try to be conscious of the choices I make.  Making one climate-conscious food choice every week is a good place to start.  Changing what we eat isn’t easy, so starting slow and staying aware is a great way to get involved.

When will you eat your next burrito?

Looking at my upcoming week…I do see a breakfast burrito in the horizon!

veggie burrito smaller

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