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Why does George Shultz drive a Leaf?

“It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact that the globe is warming. We should be looking at ways to lessen our dependence on oil at all. And that’s why I like my electric car…” begins George Shultz, former secretary of state, in the new two-minute video posted today. Take a listen.

According to the article posted today on the Stanford University News site┬áby Mark Golden and Mark Schwartz, Shultz has been concerned about U.S. energy policy for a long time. “What we do today is going to have a big impact on the future,” he says. “I have three, soon to be four, great-grandchildren. I’ve got to do what I can to see that they have a decent world. And if we let this go on and on the way it’s going right now, they’re not going to have one. Getting control of carbon is right at the heart of the problem.”

We agree!

–Julie Noblitt, Green Ninja Team

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