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Interview with Dr. Burrito!

In the first episode of the Green Ninja Show, we meet Dr. Burrito.

Dr. Burrito is played by Eugene Cordero, a professor of Meteorological and Climate Science at San José State University.


Eugene loves burritos! To celebrate the first episode of the Green Ninja Show, the Green Ninja Blogging team asked him about his favorite food as inspiration.

Why do you love burritos?

To be honest, I’m not really sure.  I’ve always enjoyed Mexican food, but for some reason, I’m drawn towards burritos.  Perhaps it’s the simplicity and the nice eatable package – a tortilla.  It’s probably also all the great taquerias here in the Bay Area!  

What is your favorite kind of burrito?

My favorite is a vegetarian burrito! I tend to interrogate the burrito makers about their ingredients so I can steer towards my favorites (e.g. grilled veggies, black beans). Oh, and fresh avocado or homemade guacamole is a big plus.  I also have to say that I LOVE breakfast burritos when done right…eggs, potatoes, rice and beans with some good salsa.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!

Why is food an important part of our environmental footprint?

All foods require some energy to grow and produce, and thus are responsible for some carbon emissions.  However, some foods, like beef, pork and processed foods have a much larger carbon footprint compared to foods such as vegetables and grains.  I was actually surprised to find out how big a difference our food choices can make on our individual carbon footprint.

What do you recommend for those of us who want to reduce our food footprint?

For me I just try to be conscious of the choices I make.  Making one climate-conscious food choice every week is a good place to start.  Changing what we eat isn’t easy, so starting slow and staying aware is a great way to get involved.

When will you eat your next burrito?

Looking at my upcoming week…I do see a breakfast burrito in the horizon!

veggie burrito smaller

A Kickstart for the New Year

New Year, New Program!
Happy New Year to all our Green Ninja fans! We had a fabulous year in 2012, with more than 500,000 views of Green Ninja educational films on our GreenNinjaTV YouTube channel. Now, we are super excited to announce plans for a brand-new set of programing. Coming in Spring 2013, production will begin on “The Green Ninja Show” – a 16-episode series hosted on YouTube and aimed at upper elementary to middle school children, their teachers, and parents.

Get Your Name in the Credits, or Even a Walk-On Role!
We have launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new Green Ninja Show. Watch the one-minute video to hear all about it (watch to the end for the dramatic surprise ending — don’t worry, no ninjas or scientists were injured in the making of this film). Donate $10 and get your name in the credits. Donate more and get a walk-on role for you or your child!

What Your Support Will Mean
The funds we raise will enable us to pay for the studio staff and equipment rental, develop the studio set, hire students for specific highly skilled roles, and hire a social media architect to help design the social marketing and publicity campaign to build our subscriber base for the show.

The Green Ninja Show will be directed by Professor David Chai (, an acclaimed animator/educator and twice nominated Annie Award winner for Best Short Subject.  San Jose State University (SJSU) students will write and produce the show under David’s guidance and in partnership with Spartan Film Studios.  Faculty and students from the College of Science and the College of Education will ensure effective science and educational content.

What Are You Waiting For? Join Us!

California Science Teachers Event

Two weeks ago the Green Ninja Project hosted an evening event for about 100 K12 teachers attending the 2012 California Science Teachers Conference in San Jose. In addition to yummy kettle corn and a surprise visit from the Green Ninja, teachers were treated to a great selection of inspiring short films that promote climate and energy literacy. Of course, we also showed some of our best Green Ninja Films –  Photos of the event can be found here and a list of the films we showed are given below.

The Majestic Plastic Bags:

This is George:

Facebook: Unfriend Coal:

When the Krill is Gone (trailer only):

– GN Team

Scientific American blogs about the Green Ninja

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 — The Green Ninja was featured in Scientific American’s “PsiVid: A Cross Section of Science on the Cyberscreen” blog today.

The blog’s author, Joanne Manaster, teaches an online Master of Science Teaching program to certified teachers with the School of Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois and is helping to run a great new engineering camp for girls this summer. As I was perusing her website, Joanne Loves Science (which is packed with great resources for teachers), I noticed this new online course (or “MOOC“) for anyone interested in the current situation with our environment. From her web site:

Do you want to learn more about Environmental Science, in particular, Sustainability? The University of Illinois is offering a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) called Sustainability: a Global Introduction, starting August 27, running for 8 weeks, that will cover these topics:

Week 1: Introduction & Population pessimism vs. optimism: Demographics, neo-malthusians and the disappearance of the third world
Week 2: Ecosystems, Extinction & Tragedy of the Commons A theory that threatens to doom us all?
Week 3: Climate Change The climate of the near future: hot, hotter, or hottest?
Week 4: Energy What happens when we reach “Peak Oil” Renewable energy: is there enough to make the switch?
Week 5: Agriculture and Water Can we continue to increase food production – or have we reached the limit of what the land can support?
Week 6: Environmental Economics and Policy Can economists lead the way to sustainability?
Week 7: Measuring sustainability How do we know we’re making a difference?
Week 8: Ethics and Culture the long view

You can learn more about their free textbook, Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation HERE

Two big Green Ninja thumbs-up to Joanne Manaster and her fabulous educational programs!

–Julie Noblitt, Green Ninja Team

How far can you go on one burrito?

As Dr. Eugene Cordero took to the stage at the TEDxSanJoseCA conference last month, he showed a slide with a picture of his favorite tee-shirt and posed this question to the audience: How far do you think you could you go on the energy you get from eating one burrito? This drew an appreciative laugh from the audience as he began to explain. What do you think?  Is the claim on his tee-shirt correct? How would you go about figuring this out?

Questions like these fuel the imaginations of us here at The Green Ninja Project. Our scientists, educators, and filmmakers create engaging, fun, and creative ways for students to learn about the science behind our changing environment. The Green Ninja™ energizes, activates, and engages students (and teachers!) to make a difference.  We create resources teachers can use, such as:

Stay tuned to hear more about our upcoming projects.  In the meantime, check out Eugene Cordero’s 13-minute TEDx talk and tell us where you fall on Eugene’s burrito enjoyment index. And see the Green Ninja make his dramatic entrance with a special-delivery burrito.  You won’t believe how high he can leap. Go Green Ninja!


–Julie Noblitt, Green Ninja Team

World Centric has an Eco-Centric Vision | TEDxSanJoseCA

Here’s to sharing a great story about one of our partners!  World Centric has an Eco-Centric Vision | TEDxSanJoseCA.

A collaboration with Scientists, Artists, Educators

Scientists, Artists, Educators Collaborate to Create Climate-Action Superhero – SJSU News.

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