Green Ninja Film Festival

What do you get when you combine science with a good story?  For a group of sixth graders from Redwood Middle School in Napa, CA, they get the chance to plan, direct, and star in their own films about the environment. They also have the chance to show their film at the Green Ninja Film Festival.


In July 2013, a group of 20 Bay Area science teachers came to San Jose State University (SJSU) to attend “Scientific Storytelling and the Green Ninja Film Academy” – a workshop hosted by the Bay Area Earth Science Institute ( The standards-based workshop combined climate science content with the essentials of film making so that teachers can guide their students through a film making experience.  SJSU’s Film Professor Harry Mathias provided instruction on both filmmaking and the use of iPads as filmmaking tools, and teachers were able to make their own Green Ninja films during the workshop. Participating teachers are now able to borrow a set of 10 iPads for their students to use in the classroom.

The climate science filmmaking experience culminates in the Green Ninja Film Festival – a public showing of the best student films as determined by a panel of judges.  Complete details about the film festival can be found here ( 

We are very excited to see the results from our student filmmakers!

The Green Ninja Film Festival is December 6th, 2013, with another film festival planned for May, 2014. 

Contact if you have further questions. 



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