Autumn and Shampoo

autumnAutumn here!

This week I was introduced to the idea of all natural shampoo, which consisted of just baking soda and water. I was stoked on the idea for two reasons, it was cheap and good for the environment. But I was hesitant, because I love having scented shampoo. Unlike most people I know, I only use shampoo and do not use conditioner. I haven’t used conditioner in probably over a year because I wanted to reduce the number of products in my hair and it made my hair more oily than it already is. Recently, I switched to Head and Shoulders Ocean Lift because I heard that it wasn’t just for those with dandruff, but it balanced your natural oils in your hair. After I tried it, I fell in love with it. But then I really started to wonder about what kind of chemicals were in this product. I found there were plenty of chemicals, some that were even apparently linked to cancer. So I decided to give the baking soda a try for five days.

Day 1: For lack of better words, it sucked. My hair was left feeling disgusting and not clean at all.

Day 2: I tried adding more baking soda and less water. My hair still felt gross.

Day 3: I added more baking soda again. My hair was getting oily from not being washed properly and I was getting annoyed that my hair didn’t smell good.

Day 4: I was counting down the days to fresh clean hair.

Day 5: I added lemon juice to the baking soda and water because I read that citrus would help the oiliness… NOPE. I officially gave up,

Day 6: I washed my hair with Head and Shoulders again.

I read that the mixture ratio really didn’t matter because there was no right or wrong way to do it, so I knew it didn’t have to do with that. So I gave up on that shampoo and went back to my old chemical habit. In the mean time I’ve started looking for a new natural shampoo that is better for the environment and could balance my natural oils. Any suggestions??

Illustration by Tamara Chang

Illustration by Tamara Chang

Looking for help!



Comments on: "Autumn and Shampoo" (2)

  1. Did you try rinsing with vinegar and water? I think that’s the key! The acid in the vinegar neutralizes the base in the baking soda. Works like a charm. But the best source for non-toxic shampoos is Good luck!

  2. Mai Bui said:

    I use Dr Bronner’s magic soap.

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