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Autumn and Shampoo

autumnAutumn here!

This week I was introduced to the idea of all natural shampoo, which consisted of just baking soda and water. I was stoked on the idea for two reasons, it was cheap and good for the environment. But I was hesitant, because I love having scented shampoo. Unlike most people I know, I only use shampoo and do not use conditioner. I haven’t used conditioner in probably over a year because I wanted to reduce the number of products in my hair and it made my hair more oily than it already is. Recently, I switched to Head and Shoulders Ocean Lift because I heard that it wasn’t just for those with dandruff, but it balanced your natural oils in your hair. After I tried it, I fell in love with it. But then I really started to wonder about what kind of chemicals were in this product. I found there were plenty of chemicals, some that were even apparently linked to cancer. So I decided to give the baking soda a try for five days.

Day 1: For lack of better words, it sucked. My hair was left feeling disgusting and not clean at all.

Day 2: I tried adding more baking soda and less water. My hair still felt gross.

Day 3: I added more baking soda again. My hair was getting oily from not being washed properly and I was getting annoyed that my hair didn’t smell good.

Day 4: I was counting down the days to fresh clean hair.

Day 5: I added lemon juice to the baking soda and water because I read that citrus would help the oiliness… NOPE. I officially gave up,

Day 6: I washed my hair with Head and Shoulders again.

I read that the mixture ratio really didn’t matter because there was no right or wrong way to do it, so I knew it didn’t have to do with that. So I gave up on that shampoo and went back to my old chemical habit. In the mean time I’ve started looking for a new natural shampoo that is better for the environment and could balance my natural oils. Any suggestions??

Illustration by Tamara Chang

Illustration by Tamara Chang

Looking for help!


Small change, big difference

Sometimes small changes make a big difference. Take 6 minutes and check out this great story about how one Tuscon resident figured out a simple way to use available rainwater to create a healthy, natural oasis in the desert. Do you think this could be done where you live?

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