New Year, New Program!
Happy New Year to all our Green Ninja fans! We had a fabulous year in 2012, with more than 500,000 views of Green Ninja educational films on our GreenNinjaTV YouTube channel. Now, we are super excited to announce plans for a brand-new set of programing. Coming in Spring 2013, production will begin on “The Green Ninja Show” – a 16-episode series hosted on YouTube and aimed at upper elementary to middle school children, their teachers, and parents.

Get Your Name in the Credits, or Even a Walk-On Role!
We have launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new Green Ninja Show. Watch the one-minute video to hear all about it (watch to the end for the dramatic surprise ending — don’t worry, no ninjas or scientists were injured in the making of this film). Donate $10 and get your name in the credits. Donate more and get a walk-on role for you or your child!

What Your Support Will Mean
The funds we raise will enable us to pay for the studio staff and equipment rental, develop the studio set, hire students for specific highly skilled roles, and hire a social media architect to help design the social marketing and publicity campaign to build our subscriber base for the show.

The Green Ninja Show will be directed by Professor David Chai (, an acclaimed animator/educator and twice nominated Annie Award winner for Best Short Subject.  San Jose State University (SJSU) students will write and produce the show under David’s guidance and in partnership with Spartan Film Studios.  Faculty and students from the College of Science and the College of Education will ensure effective science and educational content.

What Are You Waiting For? Join Us!

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