Autumn and The Flu


Autumn here!

For the last week, I was sick with a cold. After a day with a constant runny nose, I wondered how many trees I had killed with as many tissues I used. I decided I needed to find some kind of alternative. I went to Target first, I found out that most tissue companies make their cardboard boxes from 45% post consumer recycled products… but other than that, these products weren’t any better for the environment.

The end of the paper product aisle, however caught my eye. I found a whole section devoted to “green” products, such as PrideGreen and Scott Naturals. These products included biodegradable trash bags and sandwich bags made of up to 100% recycled materials.This made me wonder if other stores had these products too.IMG_1768IMG_1765

When I went to Trader Joe’s, I found 100% recycled tissues but they had this warning on the bottom not to leave them in the wash, I am guessing because they would disintegrate. Because they were single-ply they seemed like I was going to use more tissues than I already had been.IMG_1764

When I went to CVS, I found toilet paper again but no tissues and Walgreens was the same. IMG_1851

When I searched online, I found Seventh Generation, a company that provides biodegradable and recycled products. These tissues had reviews for very soft tissues that were considered to be better that products with lotion in them. This company also provides laundry detergents, cleaning products, baby diapers, and other disposable items. Surprisingly, the prices were also about the same as their competitors.

During my search, I was pointed toward an article that talked about paper napkins versus linen napkins. Did you know that paper napkins have a smaller carbon footprint? Paper napkins have 10 grams of greenhouse gas emissions, while linen napkins have 127 grams and cotton napkins have 1020 grams. But  remember this is only for one use so if the napkins are used once then a paper napkin is the better choice. but if you plan on using the napkin multiple times the cloth would be the better choice. The same goes for picking up a spill, instead of using ten paper napkins to clean up one towel or cloth napkin would be the better choice.

Stay Tuned!



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  1. Poor Autumn! Let me send you a soft, clean hanky for next time!

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