Autumn and Thanksgiving

Autumn here!

I just got back from a trip back home for Thanksgiving to visit my family.In addition to enjoying all the trimmings of this holiday, one of my goals was to talk with my family about Climate Change.

My dad taught me to recycle but he does not understand the object of reducing.

My mom has never been the best about recycling or reducing the items she uses. When I tried talking about it with her, she felt that it was too much work out of her day and would be a hassle and even stressful. However, she does makes efforts on my behalf.  For Thanksgiving she took the china out to reduce our trash.  Doesn’t that look more elegant than paper or plastic?

My brothers who are eight years old have no idea what organic, green, or environmentally friendly is. The only time they have heard of climate change has been from me. They do think reusable water bottles are cool and I have slowly started to teach them what is recyclable and what is not. They also recycle all of my families plastic water bottles and aluminum cans to collect money.

My grandpa has gotten mixed signals about climate change from all the articles in the newspapers, the broadcast news stories and politics. I have tried to share with him some of the scientific research proving that climate change is in fact happening.  Here is one of my favorites websites to share.

Our family friend basically called me a hippie and said that it was all not true. She told me she doesn’t want to be told what kind of lightbulbs to buy or any of that stuff. She has the mentality that it won’t affect her in her lifetime so she doesn’t care. She might not feel the same if she had experienced Hurricane Sandy.

My family is a typical grouple of people that isn’t into taking any action to help the environment and future climate,. But, I am trying to show them that through small actions you can do your part and it can really be easy rather than stressful.

Anyone have a similar experience or tips on how to talk to family about the environment?

Stay tuned!



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