Autumn and Veggies

This week my goal was to go vegetarian for a couple days and I had as many vegetarian meals as I could. I found it most difficult when I went out or to a friend’s house for dinner to choose the vegetarian options. I would start out the day as a vegetarian, but by the end of the day I would forget or there wouldn’t be a vegetarian option. It was a challenge for me, since I have never tried to be a vegetarian before. It was a good experience to help the environment and understand the difficulties of eating out as a vegetarian. I found the most difficult part about switching to a vegetarian diet was the amount of carbs I ate. I would tend to replace meat with pasta in order to have a full meal. Snacks were probably the easiest to change over since chips and dip or granola bars and fruit are already vegetarian. I did find out that there are plenty of healthy recipes for vegetarian.

Some of my meals included: for breakfast: cereal, coffee, and a piece of fruit;

for lunch; peanut butter and honey sandwich and some chips and humus;

For dinner: pasta with red peppers and broccoli in alfredo sauce.

All in all, I will still go vegetarian once a week to keep my carbon footprint down.

This week I am traveling home to go see my family for Thanksgiving. I am going to try to do as many little things to keep my eco-friendly lifestyle along the way. As I am helping with dinner, so I hope to talk with my family about climate change and their opinions of my new lifestyle choices.

Stay tuned!



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