Autumn and Coffee Cups

Autumn Here!

Last week my goal was to bring my reusable cup to the coffee shop.  I brought it two out of the three times that I went. I was running late, when I forgot to grab my coffee cup, since I would have to remind myself to bring my coffee cup while I was packing up all my stuff up for class. I felt it was kind of a hassle to have to carry an extra thing during the day, especially when my cup was empty. But when it was filled, I suddenly felt better about bringing it every where with me. I also learned that at my local coffee shop you can save 50 cents every time you bring in your own coffee cup.  When the shop uses your coffee cup, however you tend to get varied amounts of coffee. Some times you will get less than what you would get if you use their disposable cup because they measure the portions differently. But, the drinks always taste the same and you get the amount of espresso you pay for. The experience showed me that it will take a little more effort in the morning to remember bring my coffee cup with me, but it can save me money and save at least one coffee cup and a plastic lid from a life in a landfill.

This week I had the chance to catch up with my friend, Emma Kelsey, a biology graduate student at San Jose Sate. Emma just got back from a backpacking trip in Santa Cruz when I asked about her favorite snack on the trail, she replied, “This weekend I was all about the humus and pepper jack cheese!”

It turns out that she recently converted to a vegetarian diet to reduce her carbon footprint.  She told me that because she travels by car to her adventures, she wanted to balance her carbon emissions out by not eating meat.  It may not be an exact balance, she says, but at least I am doing my part.

In honor of Emma, I have chosen to go vegetarian for at least a couple of dinners this week. Stay tuned!



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