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Fuel From Insects

Could that cockroach power your cell phone?  These commonly noted household insects feed on human food and don’t impress guests.  However, did you ever think that cockroaches might be able to help create fuel cells? Yes scientists are developing ways to generate electricity from chemicals inside living things (like cockroaches) or from their movements to power implanted sensors or other miniature devices. Such devices could provide researchers with important information about processes going on inside insects, animals or even people without the need for batteries. They also could someday power artificial organs, Nano robots or wearable personal electronics. But before these advancements can be achieved, the creation of bio fuel cells is necessary.

Scientists developed a miniature fuel cell that converts naturally occurring sugar in the insect and oxygen from the air into electricity. These can be used to create microwave devices that can be attached to insects. As lover of all living things, I feel this creation of devices is important because we would be able to know everything about the life cycle of insects. So for our cockroaches, among the most resilient insects in the world, we can determine how they live in challenging environments and how they power themselves.  So next time you see one of these critters, don’t fret too much – they are helping us to lead a greener life!

– GN
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