Episode 2: Filming and Trailer

Where did the Green Ninja come from? How was the Green Ninja chosen? What lessons and training were necessary for the Green Ninja’s education? These questions will be answered in a new film being produced at San José State University, called –  Green Ninja Episode 2: The Beginning.

Students enrolled in the course RTVF135 Production: Special Projects participated in the semester-long filmmaking experience, and they worked in all areas of filmmaking including, sound, lighting, props, costume design, and makeup. The course is designed to give students experience of working on a professional quality short film, which many of them then apply in the full length film in the summer.  The film was written and directed by San José State Professor Babak Sarrafan, with the cinematography done by Jim Orr.  A full list of the cast and crew will appear on our website when the video is released.

Filming took place in May 2011 at various locations around San José, CA.

Green Ninja: The Beginning is expected to be released in the Fall of 2011.

Here is the trailer!

-GN Team


Comments on: "Episode 2: Filming and Trailer" (2)

  1. 😀 I look forward to seeing the full film!

    And if I noticed correctly…Hakone Gardens in Los Gatos? The temple on McKee?

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